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THAT’S RIGHT BITCH YA’LL BETTER RUNlook at her stupid Jillish faceNot sure I’ve hated any character as much as I hate Jill.She’s such a poop face.And I love how Sarah’s outwardly like tra la la.But you can also see her enjoying giving Jill all sorts of self-esteem issues.HAAAA HAAAAAAdumb shitheadSarah Walkerthe baddest HBIC there is

Casey’s gleeful OMFG SHE’S HERE ARE YOU IN FOR IT NOW look at Jill is priceless. I get why they took this scene out, for the sake of the Hollywood Fan Treatment later, but man, this would’ve been good.

"Hi, I’m Sarah Walker. You must be Jill. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the Inland Empire trussed up naked on top of a mound of fire ants, you know who not to call."

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